Cloud & Hosting

ICD Remote IT infrastructure services give clients peace of mind by allowing them to delegate the responsibility for management and performance of their IT infrastructure to ICD.

Our services:

ICD helps enterprises with all aspects of their information delivery system, from desktops and remote access to the Enterprise Information Portals, and from the planning and design process of your IT infrastructure to everyday maintenance.

  • Expertise in building critical infrastructure solutions based on Microsoft desktop, business-management, and server technologies that can expand on your current system foundations.
  • Expertise in building critical infrastructure solutions based on Open Source.
  • Team of certified experts with extensive experience in implementing and managing large-scale IT infrastructures and clouds.
  • Profound experience in design, development and implementation of enterprise-level solutions proved by successful projects implementation and our customer’s feedback.

Technologies Partners

Cloud Infrastructure Management Services

Cloud Infrastructure Management services provide scalability to businesses. By enabling IT resources to be consolidated, multiple users can share a common infrastructure without sacrificing the security of each user's data. This allows to reduce operational and future costs.

Hybrid cloud enables to easy deploy infrastructure services on your own facilities or in a 3rd-party datacenter to be sure that your services will work without downtime.

Your challenges:

  1. Low scalability of IT infrastructure hinders the growth of your business.
  2. Lack of skilled IT resources.
  3. Need for seamless mobile access to your IT infrastructure.
  4. IT infrastructure failover increase.
  5. IT budgets reduction.
  6. Service delivery time reduction.

ICD provides:

  • Cloud Infrastructure Design and Development
  • Cloud Infrastructure Administration and Maintenance
  • Private and Hybrid Cloud Integration
  • Team of certified cloud architects and administrators will help you implement the cloud and make your IT infrastructure more flexible and scalable. Our experts have extensive experience in wide range of cloud technologies.

Application Maintenance and Support

ICD has been providing application support and maintenance services to customers for the last 6 years and proved to be a professional and reliable partner for level 2 and level 3 support of companies. Our services can be extended to cover 24/7/365 for all time zones.

With ICD professional application and maintenance support services your company will:

  • Reduce the cost for technical support;
  • Free your own IT resources to focus on the company’s core competencies;
  • Improve service response and resolution time;
  • Achieve smoother introduction of new products releases and upgrades to end users.

Enterprise System Management Services

ICD provides Enterprise System Management services that aid organizations in managing complex tasks of defining, developing and delivering technology-enabled business solutions. Our Enterprise System Management services help you to reduce costs, minimize errors and improve operations.

Your challenges:

  1. New software solution deployment, upgrade or migration.
  2. Need of high-skilled specialists to support software solutions.
  3. IT infrastructure redesign, upgrade or migration.

New products training services and post integration support.

ICD provides:

  • Projects, Consulting and Integration Services
  • Infrastructure upgrades and migration
  • Support and consulting
  • Monitoring services

Networking Management Services

ICD Networking Management helps make your internal network and internet access secured and reliable.

Your challenges:

  1. Failover Network Configuration
  2. Failover Internet Access Configuration
  3. Failover Remote Access Configuration
  4. Unauthorized Network Access protection

ICD provides:

  • Security Assessments
  • Failover Network Solutions design, development and implementation
  • ICD team of certified professionals will take care of your network solution.

Such technologies as 802.1x, VRRP, High Availability and Failover gateways will allow you to be sure that your office network has reliable security, instant availability and Failover Internet access.
ICd covers software for IT operations management, performance monitoring, and event management for all operating environments, including Windows, Unix, Linux. Our expert team consists of high-level professionals who will be available for you on demand. Ad hoc IT infrastructure challenges won’t boost your employee number anymore.

Email & MS-Exchange Services:

ICD Email & Exchange is a feature-rich, reliable and secure business email solution that has enterprise-level features at a price that businesses of any size will find irresistible. Access email, calendars, contacts and tasks from your email clients, web browser, tablets and phone in the office, on the road or at home with webmail interface. we are offering Smartmail and MS-Exchange Mail servers now.

Features of Email Servers we offer:

  1. Enterprise-grade email server
  2. Domain administrator web-based control panel
  3. Access Emails anywhere
  4. Webmail
  5. Active-sync for mobiles.
  6. Collaborating with Calendars, Contacts, Tasks and Notes
  7. Protecting your Emails
  8. Keeping your Inbox free from SPAM
  9. Huge Storage.