About Us

Innovative Communication Development Pte ltd, provides a comprehensive range of communication and security services to fulfill every customer needs and ultimately, a peace of mind. Rapid growth of Communication Technology creates challenges which exert the most impact on remotely monitored security industry; ICD has the expertise to protect what you value most.

We develop products, integrate systems, provide system solutions and supply the necessary hardware for you essential needs. Our Company consists of computer science engineers graduated from different majors including Digital Systems Security, Software Engineering, Network Engineering and Information Technology. We are capable to provide a variety of IT services. To find out more details, click on Products and Services.

Established in 2008, the company has since established a strong position for our software development and designing. Today, Innovative Communication Development provides leading-edge solutions Telematic & embedded Application. A one-stop solution provider, we also offer advanced POS system and integrated surveillance services to protect your most valuable assets and property - business premises and home - round the clock.

Our company offers sophisticated IT solutions for industrial production. Whether it is for system integration, OEM production or industrial controls, our solutions serve controlling & monitoring purposes. Whilst in new era, we do more than just controlling and also solutions that expedite efficient processes and better performance for you and your business.