Global machine-to-Machine(M2M)

Global M2M communications are made possible by a device (such as a sensor) that is attached to a machine to capture an event that is relayed over a network delivering data to applications. The intelligent sensors are embedded in a remote vessel and capture events such as temperature, location, fuel consumption, engine fuel burning rate, stress levels, engine status, movement, altitude and speed. These sensors include a modem  that is able to receive and transmit the event data wirelessly to a central server where an application on translates this data into meaningful information that can be analysed and acted upon e.g the temperature is too hot to keep temperature within range.

M2M Solutions we offer with TrackMaps.

Land Transport & Distributions

Remote Asset Tracking
Often important assets such as generators or other large pieces of equipment are left to operate in far flung, remote areas. They may be powered or they may be without power. It is critical to know where every piece of equipment is at all times in order to reduce costs and improve the deployment and usage of these assets. Our solutions are designed to track, monitor and report even when they do not have a power source connected to them.

Refrigerated Monitoring
Trusted by the biggest names in the business, TrackMaps is the solution of choice for cold chain monitoring. We offer the industry’s leading, two-way refrigerated asset monitoring solution. Our solution includes all alarms, operational status and state changes. So whether you operate a small truck fleet or multi-temperature, multi-zone trailers, our solution protects your cargo by providing complete control of the reefer environment.

Cargo Security
From the manufacturing site to warehousing and intermodal distribution, or from entry border to exit for Customs' tracking of shipments, our solution has you protected. We then integrate location and sensor data with information from shipping and business process documents to provide actionable security alerts. Coupled with scheduled reporting near-real-time anywhere in the world, TrackMaps  provides you with the industry’s leading cargo security solutions.

Martime Industry

Global Coverage M2M with Skywave Terminals.
In the past few years, global maritime and port authorities have begun using Automatic Identification System (AIS) services to track vessels coming in and out of their coastal waters and ports by detecting vessels with shore-based AIS receivers. These terrestrial-based systems provide only limited shore-based coverage and are not able to provide global, open ocean coverage. Skywave M2M and LRIT solution can monitor maritime vessels well beyond coastal regions in near-real-time and at a low cost.

Assisting Vessels In Distress.
For vessels in distress, Inmarsat satellite service can identify exactly where a vessel is located anywhere in the world even if it continues to drift from the distress location. Access to accurate, reliable and timely data about the position and status of a vessel and its crew can greatly improve response time by focusing search and rescue resources to a specific area and enhancing overall rescue coordination. Most importantly, satellite data can help minimize damage to and loss of the vessel, potentially saving lives.

Protecting Marine Resources.

Providing access to timely, accurate vessel data is instrumental in supporting fisheries management, environmental protection and operational compliance programs in global waterways. From the prevention of marine pollution incidents to the enforcement of fishery regulations to vessel traffic management, TrackMaps service provides a complete picture of vessel activity in fishing grounds. We provide a reliable resource for vessel owners, operators, port authorities, and government agencies to help prevent environmental disasters, enforce fishery regulations, enhance maritime safety, and help proper authorities take immediate action when needed.


Fixed Assets Monitoring

Proactive Monitoring & Control.
We offer advanced solutions that can be used to monitor flow measurement, tank-level, compressors and remote equipment. Critical alerts are sent via email or voice when predetermined parameters are violated. The near-real-time notification allows operators to quickly identify and rectify problems and efficiently reduce equipment downtime and revenue losses

Security & infromation exchange

VIS(Visitor Information System)

Registering guest with vis stores complete data of guest in central server before guest arrives on ship, vis smart exchange will send information of the guest, visiting information, supporting documents to ships local server.  ships local server will exchange ships guest activity information back to central server via GSM or satellite. Guest check-in can take place on the ship, or ashore using laptop computers.  Passport or ID card information from guests and a camera connected to take guest ID photos. A guest ID card can be issued at time of check-in, preprinted the day before embarkation or printed at time of check-in. If a situation arises where the laptop computers do not have network connection to the ship, can do a Remote Check-In for registered guest.  Alternately  Lists of expected visitors can be imported prior to the ship arriving in dock and permanent visitor cards can be issued to port agents, office staff etc.  In order to ensure that stock levels on the ship are correct the Inventory module can be used to keep track of stock level at ship, stock items consumed by guest, will notified to guest, when guest doing checkout, guest require to acknowledged stocks status of item assigned to him.

FIS (Fleet Information System)

A Fleet Information System (FIS, commonly referred to as Computerized Maintenance Management System or CMMS) is a powerful tool and an integral part of a well-run maintenance facility. FIS program support your existing system to help maximize the return on your fleet assets. TrackMaps offers unparalleled flexibility and power in the tracking, reporting and analysis of mission-critical fleet data including fleet assets, maintenance history, inventory, warranties, labor and material costs, and related data. Our FIS is a web-based asset lifecycle management application optimized for the needs of fleet managers.


In response to the demand for CCTV systems onboard ships, TrackMaps marine CCTV camera solutions that address the needs of marine industry. We have successfully installed few of marine security camera systems on vessels, boats and yachts around the world. Pelco and Axis ip camera's we recommend to our customers to keep maintain quality of service.